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AITS offers effective, proven training and development solutions to companies, organizations, and agencies like yours nationwide.
In the past 5 years AITS has managed the development of over 400 hours of medical, interactive multimedia.

AITS is also the developer of equipment-related lessons for the U.S. Navy's 500-Bed Deployable Medical System.
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AITS EVOC Train the Trainer Saudi Arabia
AITS conducts EVOC Train the Trainer Course in Saudi Arabia

An AITS team conducted a T3 course is Saudi Arabia July 1-4, 2012 hosted by the Emergency Medicine Institute (EMI) in Riyadh. EMI will start conducting EVOC courses throughout the Middle East. Because of the high temperatures, the driving was conducted in the evening. AITS instructor,Jon Glass is in the orange cap.

AITS EVOC Train the Trainer American Samoa
AITS conducts EVOC Train the Trainer Course in America Samoa

EMS Chief Galumalemana Fuapopoa Avegalio and some of his staff
attended the EVOC Train the Trainer (T3) course and then conducted
their first in a series of EVOC programs for their organization.
AITS Course Director, Graham Jamieson, (4th from L) conducted the training.

Safety Note:  The International Association of Fire Chiefs and the International Association of Fire Fighters published the Four Key Areas during Safety Week.
The first area addressed was Safety - Emergency Driving . The three key areas were:
1. Never drive above the posted speed limits going to or returning from an incident. 2. Wear a Seat Belt and 3. Stop and Clear all traffic controlled intersections.
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The following courses are currently available:

EVOC T3 Train-the-Trainer Course
Personnel completing this course will be qualified to conduct operator level training for emergency vehicles. Each person must become proficient in operating and instructing on the type vehicles in their organization . The course uses the US Department of Transportation National Standard Curriculum for Ambulances and has been supplemented to meet the requirements of National Fire Protection Agency, NFPA 1002, Standard on Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator Professional Qualifications. The course is also appropriate for Law Enforcement Personnel.

T3 Refresher Course
The Refresher course is a one day course for those personnel who attended an AITS Train the Trainer course before 2007 and did not get enrolled in the AITS National Trainer Registry and those who have an EVOCNTR  number that is expiring.  Personnel will receive the latest version of the AITS Training Resources CD-ROM and other materials that have changed since they attended the course.  The morning is devoted to classroom activities and the afternoon is spent on the driving range.  All participants operate both an ambulance and fire apparatus.  Personnel completing the course will be registered or have their certification renewed in the AITS EVOC National Trainer Registry.  The cost for this one day course is $225.00.  For more information contact Billy Rutherford at 703.440.0914 or

EVOC - "T3" Train-the-Trainer Upcoming Course Schedule:
AITS is continually developing our schedule with courses scheduled or planned shown below.
When the actual dates are shown, the course is scheduled.
Courses shown for the U.S. Coast Guard and other military departments are open to the public.

2015 Schedule
Train the Trainer (T3)
T3 Refresher Course
Wheelchair Van Instructor
Jan: Antelope Ambulance, Lancaster, CA
Ambulance, Fire Apparatus
Jan 14-16
Jan 16
Mar: Humboldt General Hospital, Winnemucca, Nevada
Ambulance, Fire Apparatus
Mar 25-27
Mar 27
Apr: Northwest Fire District, Marana, AZ
Ambulance, Fire Apparatus
Apr 29-May 1
May 1
May: Brewster Ambulance  Service, Boston, MA
Ambulance, Fire Apparatus, Wheelchair Van
(Optional Additional Qualification as Wheelchair Van Instructor)
May 27-29
May 29
May 29
Jun: Edmond Fire Department, Edmond, OK
Jun 24-26
Jun 26
Aug: U.S. Capitol Police, Hazardous Incidents Response Division,  Washington, D.C. - Fire, Ambulance, HAZMAT Vehicles
Aug 11-13
Aug: Visalia Fire Department, Visalia, CA
Aug 26-28
Aug 28
Sep: Pro EMS, Cambridge, MA
Sep 25-27
Sep 27
Dec: Tempe Fire Medical Rescue & PMT/Rural Metro Ambulance
Dec 2-4
Dec 4
2014 Schedule
Train the Trainer (T3)
T3 Refresher Course
May: MedFlight, Columbus, OH
May 21-23
May 23
May: (EVOC) Sacred Mountain Medical Service, Tuba City, AZ
May 30-31
Aug: Boca Raton Fire Rescue Dept., Boca Raton, FL
Aug 20-22
Aug: Detroit Fire Dept. & EMS and Universal-Macomb Ambulance, Detroit, MI
Aug 27-29
Aug 29
Oct: Sunstar Paramedics - Largo FL
Oct 22-24
Nov: Bay Area California, -TBD, CA
Nov: American Medical Response (AMR) - Miami, FL
Nov 20-22
Nov 22
Dec: Tempe Fire Department & PMT Ambulance, Tempe, AZ
Dec 3-5